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Written by Andrew Scott

No, not you and your intended. That’s a given. Obviously. We’re talking about you and your celebrant.

You’ve found the venue of your dreams. Your nearest and dearest have been invited and are excited to join the celebrations. The band is booked and you’ve chosen your flowers. But arguably one of the most important suppliers of your Big Day is your celebrant. For it’s the celebrant who sets the tone of your ceremony; indeed, from experience, the celebrant can make or break the whole day!
How come? Grab a cuppa and let me tell you a wee story…

Two years BC (Before Covid), I went to a good friend’s wedding. A beautiful wedding. In a stunning venue. With delicious food. And great entertainment. But the sheer blah-ness of the unfunny, impersonal celebrant left me feeling decidedly cold. One of the most important part of the day fell well and truly flat. This really preyed on my mind, especially as this wasn’t the first time I had witnessed a “this could be about absolutely anyone” ceremony.

As someone who’s worked in hospitality for over 25 years, I missed the personal touches and sense of occasion. The metaphorical distance between the couple and their family and friends who surrounded them. The instantly forgettable-ness of it all. Events, especially life’s big ones, should be memorable and make an impact.

Being someone who makes things happen I, well…. made things happen. I studied to be a celebrant and have now qualified. I have loved every moment and am delighted to already have quite a few bookings under my belt. What’s my secret? I have several and they aren’t really secret. So, in no particular order:

1. I am tall. Very tall at 6’6’. Bearded. Burly. Tattooed. I wear eye-catching shoes. In essence, I am me. I stand out and you’ll know if I’m for you… or not. And that’s absolutely fine.

2. I’m a people person. In truth, a people pleaser. I absolutely love getting to know people and what they’re all about. What makes them tick. What interests them. What adventures they’ve had and experiences they’ve shared. Then I use that information as the backbone for the wedding ceremony.

3. If we’re being honest, a wedding is not just about the two people getting married. It’s also about their family and friends. So I love finding clever ways to involve guests and really make them feel part of proceedings. If that’s not what you want, then, again, that’s fine too.

4. I will fully respect you, your sexuality, your gender and your wishes. You’re Wiccan – great! Let’s involve Wiccan rituals. You like bikes? I’ll wear my leathers. Prefer something more traditional? I’ll come kilted or suited and booted as you choose. You’d like your dog to be the ring bearer? I love dogs! The more dogs the better as far as I’m concerned!

5. I’m a consummate professional, but I promise that there will be plenty of laughs, and maybe a few (happy) tears along the way.

If you think I sound like the right celebrant for you, give me a buzz on 07732 454639 or email hello@andrewdscottcelebrant.com and let’s see if the chemistry is right!


Written by Andrew Scott

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