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Each client will receive a bespoke recorded hypnosis script, reframing their wedding day in a positive and more neutral way, clients will work collaboratively to write this with Kat


I am Kat Turnbull, and I specialise in using Hypnotherapy to help people overcome their stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression.
As a former anxiety sufferer, my own wedding day in 2016 was all but ruined by my symptoms, in fact I hid for part of the reception- this reaction is far more common than you can imagine! For many couples, a wedding can activate or exacerbate deep anxieties, leading them to anticipate their wedding day with worry or fear. Using proven therapeutic techniques, I can help you to prepare your mind for your big day. I take a holistic and positive approach, and as a solution- focused hypnotherapist, I rarely spend a lot of time in the past, preferring instead to focus on the outcome. In this case, you enjoying your Wedding Day! It is very much a collaboration, and I work closely with Clients over a number of sessions to prepare for their event.
If you would like to discuss how Hypnotherapy can help you to look forward to your Big Day, or if you need support in managing your mental health, please do get in touch.

Customer Reviews

It Works!

"My time has got more fruitful since you've worked your magic! I truly believe it's therapy that you don't even feel is therapy, and whatever you do, works."
Its a kind of magic

“It feels a bit like magic. Katrina is a really lovely, warm therapist with a great voice for this work too. You also get a really clear picture of how your more primitive, negative, fear-based brain is sabotaging things for you which I think helps you observe what's going on and take back control more often. Highly recommended.”
I'm Braver

“I'm definitely braver than I ever remember being.”
I'm able to manage better

“Kat has helped me to break down my perceived big worries and anxieties in a way that I am better able to manage these stresses. Additionally, I now have a greater ability to help me recognise negative thought patterns and behaviours and focus on positive aspects of everyday life.”
Rewired my brain!

“The old adage about giving a man a fish for a day, or a fishing rod to feed himself for life comes to mind, as what Kat brought to the table was not simply a quick fix, but rather a structured and educational look at why my brain is the way it is, and how to channel it into being a better and more beneficial brain for me.”

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