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I am a natural, relaxed wedding photographer that loves to capture your day as it unfolds in the most unobtrusive way possible. Each and every wedding is unique. Not because of the flowers, the table decorations or the venues, but because of the people involved. The characters in a story that has yet to be written. I realise that the most important images to people are those that can really rekindle feelings and emotions, and take you back to relive those moments. It’s my own experiences in life up to this point that makes me release the shutter when I do. And why what’s important to you will also be important to me. Your wedding photographer has a huge part to play on the day itself. Your day goes by so quickly that there will be moments you can only remember from the photographs. These photographs will be precious memories to look back on for years to come. There is a whole range of wedding photographers available at any one time, each with their own style. It is important you take your time when researching, to ensure you find a photographer who's style reflects what you are looking for from your photographs. Having been married for several years, I can honestly say we still love our wedding photos. When you book a wedding photographer, you are not just buying some snaps from your wedding. You are putting your trust in a person who will research your venue, empathise with your story, care for and invest in crafting a set of images that will be a part of your family history forever.

Customer Reviews

Not all superheros wear capes but this one carries a camera. We booked Paul when we first started arranging our wedding as he came highly recommended from our florists and as his reputation grew so did his amazing reviews. I have no words for this man, actaully i do, BRILLIANT, AMAZING, FRIENDLY, FUNNY, DOWN TO EARTH, HELPFUL, KIND, PERSONAL, SUPERSTAR, LISTENS, ABOVE AND BEYOND. I could go on and on with words but they are just words so i am writing this review hoping that other wedding couples will get the pleasue and privilege of having this gent of a photographer at their wedding. From start to finish Paul was amazing, from thanking all our vendors for all they had done, to dressing my Husband who was nervous, anxious and emotional from the past few weeks. When I called Paul to tell him the news a few weeks back he took the time out of his day to speak to me about his exeperiences of this type of situation and what we could do. He was like a pal, a friend I could chat to and helped ease my mind about everything. When he arrived he was present and quickly became an extended part of the family and party. He was seen, he was invisible and was invincible. From allowing my niece and nephew to take photos, to hanging over a 4th floor balcony, walking outside in the rain and dodging traffic he did it. He did it with a smile, he did it to make us laugh, he did things he didnt have to and never once complained or said no. This is a true professional in all forms. His organisation, passion, compassion and presence was something we will never forget. If you are thinking of hiring Paul we say “DO IT!!” If you can’t get him change your date cause this man is worth it, the reviews don’t do him justice, he honeslty was our superhero and from me and my husband we can not thank you enough. BOOK PAUL GOVERS!!!!! Love from Mr & Mr Milner Cameron
Where do I even start! Paul was absolutely incredible, from the moment he walked through the door he just did not stop helping. He was more than just a photographer - he calmed my nerves, fixed my wedding dress, poured me drinks, tied the ribbon around my bouquet & then when I lost my bouquet 🙈 he found a replacement one within the hour!! He also carried my perfume in his pocket so I could spray myself throughout the day, nothing was too much trouble!! All of our guests commented on how nice he was & how he just fitted in like a wedding guest. Paul went above and beyond to make sure we got the photo we wanted in the middle of the road outside our venue🤍 We received over 70 preview pictures the morning after the wedding - 70 pictures in less than 24 hours!! I cried at how beautiful they were. We cannot wait to receive the rest of the pictures. We are so grateful that we found and booked Paul for our wedding - the wedding really wouldn’t have been the same without him & we cannot recommend him enough! If you are thinking of booking Paul for your wedding - do it, you will not regret it! Love, Amanda & Fraser xx
Paul captured our full day on 20th May at the Intercontinental Edinburgh (The George), and he was absolutely phenomenal. Before booking I called to discuss our wedding and immediately knew he was the man for the job! On our day, he was relaxed and so friendly! He spoke to everyone like he’d known them a lifetime and just made everyone feel at ease. He explained his plans on our day to make sure we were happy with everything, and he made suggestions for photos (see Scott’s monument picture!). He was so efficient with our photos as well, as we didn’t want to be away from our guests for to long, but he made sure everything was captured with the people we wanted. Again, we felt at compete ease and there was no rushed feeling at any point throughout the day. We had a great laugh with him while taking some of the pictures! He was even prepared with kirbies, hairspray and even knew how to tie my dress up at the back at night to be able to dance! This man’s talent never ends! Within a couple of day, I received a preview gallery of selected pictures Paul has taken and chose to share with us. Getting so see these so quickly was just the best gift ever! There are literally not enough words to describe how amazing Paul was. One of the best decisions ever made was to have him as our photographer. Almost all of our entire wedding day guests (124!) commend on how brilliant he was. We are forever grateful that you captured our amazing day so beautifully. Paul is THE BEST photographer by far, and there is no one better to have with you on your special day. Love Mr & Mrs Allan! xx
We were lucky enough to get Paul booked in not long after we had secured our venue. Now….being the husband I had no idea what to expect with a photographer but christ did this man exceed any expectations. I’m very lucky that my wife had done her research and that really showed with the service we received from Paul. From first contact through social media Paul had this incredible ability to be so professional whilst making you feel at ease whilst also being a mate. We genuinely cannot thank him enough for everything he has done on the build up but more so what he did on the day. Paul acted as voice of reason, councillor, dress fixer, grooms party button hole flower attacher, veil fixer, dog handler, mate, and last but not least an incredible photographer. His whole aura from the minute he walked into the venue til the minute he left he was constantly on the same level. We feel incredible fortunate to have had him be part of our day, capturing memories to last a life time. He made anyone he came into contact with at the wedding laugh, smile and feel totally at ease. His kindness, personality and demeanour was impeccable the full day. We genuinely cannot thank him enough! As a result of everything above he was a major talking point of our wedding and still now 2 weeks down the line people comment on how good he was. My wife and I thank you immensely for everything you did on August 10th 2023, we will be forever grateful for the laughs, the support and the photos.
I don’t even know where to start… Paul is absolutely amazing! From when we first booked him and had our first meeting over zoom, we were just so reassured that he was the best person possible to capture such an important day! Paul captured our wedding at Glasgow Uni and Cameron House, and had no problem travelling between the two venues. He is so enthusiastic about making sure he captures your day the way you want it captured, for us, that was being able to enjoy the day as much as we could whilst having some incredible photos to look back on. When you book Paul, you don’t just get a photographer, you get someone to keep you calm, someone to help you get ready, to fasten your jewellery when it won’t clip in, someone to carry your train and fix your veil all day, and basically someone to solve any problems you’re having before you even know they exist! Paul had our preview pictures in our inbox immediately after the wedding - he just doesn’t stop!!! Honestly, if how organised and amazing he is as a person isn’t enough to make you book him, his pictures are something else. The quality of his photography is out of this world and he manages to capture candid shots so naturally, perfect if you or your partner are a wee bit camera shy! We love all of our pictures so much, we can’t even pick a favourite (and that’s just from the preview) We cannot recommend Paul enough, and we could go on and on about why you should book him. Ultimately, If you’re looking for a professional, reliable, incredible photographer, Paul is the one! To top it all off, you gain a friend at the same time 🤍 Lots of love, Emily & Arron xx
Paul… what can I say, you have left us both speechless. It will be difficult to put into words exactly how amazing you are! Firstly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our perfect day. It is clear to every single person who watches you capture these precious moments how passionate you are about your job. You made both Ross and I feel so at ease all day as you know we don’t like many pictures, you kept the wedding flow smoothly and helped with all the little things people forget about, my dress buttons, my veil, holding my lipgloss all day, my dress bustle, all these small attention to details are what makes you the best in the business. The pictures… WOW!!!! Our preview pictures are absolutely out of this world and have left us totally speechless. Your mannerism and how you make an effort with everyone and not just the wedding party throughout the day is so beautiful to see. Your humour is not bad as well so I suppose I best mention that to. Now for our personal thank you, Paul you are a very special person and there is no one in this world we’d have capture our most magical day than an amazing friend like you. We will be forever humbled and grateful for you and to have such an amazing person in our lives ❤️

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