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Here, at Pirita Blooms, we offer floral accessories that are wearable and bespoke. The pieces are designed with your specifications in mind to show your individuality and story. They combine vibrant colours with a Scottish twist, showcasing local wild flora.
Our products are sustainable and organic. All materials are foraged locally and dried by hand.
We offer both ready-made and bespoke accessories with fresh and dried flora including but not limited to: hair combs and clips, full crowns and demi-crowns, tiaras, corsages, and gentleman accessories.

Our signature accessory is The Flower Tattoo, the unique piece attached to medical tape for direct body/outfit placement. As the base offers the most flexibility and can be cut to any shape and size, its placement can be various and its design – the most special. The Flower Tattoo can become your fashionable corsage/ necklace, a bridal belt, an enhancer for the cut of your dress, or even become a hand tattoo.

Our accessories are suitable for any special occasion or photoshoot. Whether you are a bride/groom, bridesmaid, mother or wedding guest, we surely will have something for you!

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